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There is ample working going on behind the scenes to create 100% unique custom content that will enrich and play upon the game's setting. One of the current projects involvements the development of a wide range of peasants for the world. Drawing heavily upon real-world historical inspiration and references, attire befitting simple peasantry will soon be implemented. The artist developing the custom 3D content is known as MoonCraft, and they have a specialization in character development, storytelling, and settings. Development of the custom clothing for the peasants began with the program Marvelous Designer, and from there the workflow progressed through several programs.

Custom Peasant Clothing

A primary concern with selecting the colors of the fabric was making certain that the colors used as similar to those produced using organic dyes. Throughout human history, textile dyes have been produced from a variety of organic sources such as vegetables, roots, nuts, and even insects and animal blood. The colors produced are more muted and not as vibrant as modern textiles. This single set of clothing took our artists roughly 12 hours to produce and prepare for use inside Unity.While this outfit is not historically accurate to any single culture or point in time, the style is inspired by European peasant fashion. Aprons are a popular fixture in women's fashion throughout history, and it felt suitable to include aprons with these dresses. The goal is to present functional attire of a woman who farms and works for a living, without the wealth to afford lavish trappings and attire. In the coming weeks, you can expect to see more development updates and further behind the scenes work.

Custom Peasant Clothing

We now have a steam store page listing with screenshots and the full information. Make sure to show your support and Add us to your Wishlist!

We have added in the Day/Night and weather system thanks to Hendrik Haupt for creating this great system. Match's will start at a random time during the day or night and create random weather events (cloudy/rainy/snow/storms) all networked.

We have completed designing the first town in the game: Ravenbrook, located at the southeast corner of the map. It is a medieval peasant village that has lootable NPCs and crates/barrels/chests.

We have completed the Friends list & Chat System: General/Party/Guild/Whisper Channels. Right Click: Copy Text, Add friend, block user, whisper user. We have also upgraded to Unity 2019.4.3 LTS and are now using the HDRP pipeline for High visual fidelity graphics.